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Independence Day (1997)

2h 25min   |   English   | 

Dirextor: Roland Emmerich 

Music: David Arnold 

The highest-grossing film of 1996, Independence Day was a phenomenon that propelled Will Smith to superstardom and thrilled audiences with its huge set-pieces, humour and an exploding White House.

As huge alien ships hover over the major cities of the world, threatening all life on earth, fighter pilot ace Captain Steve Hiller (Smith) and data analyst David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) attempt to save the day, with help from the President. Kicking alien butt has never been this fun.


Independence Day Live was premiered at the Royal Albert Hall in 2016, under the supervision of composer David Arnold. The entire score, just over 2 hours in length, was compiled from scratch to match exactly what is in the movie – a process that took 6 months. The huge orchestra (and chorus) filled the stage and the result was a truly exciting, visceral and fun night that brought the movie to audiences young and old in a thrilling way.


Further performances of Independence Day Live have been staged in Dublin with the RTE Concert Orchestra.


Independence Day Live is rights-owned by 20th Century Fox. 


22 Sept 2016
Royal Albert Hall, London UK

Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra/Cond: Gavin Greenaway

20 May 2017
Dublin Concert Hall, Dublin 

RTE Concert Orchestra/Gavin Greenaway

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