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The Piano (1993)

2h 0min   |   English   |   

Director: Jane Campion

Music: Michael Nyman 

Available with subtitles (English, French, German)

Jane Campion’s Oscar-winning gothic romance is available to be screened with a live performance of Michael Nyman’s score.

Nyman’s potent romantic minimalist music became one of the most popular soundtracks ever written. The film follows mute Ada (Holly Hunter) to New Zealand as she’s sold into marriage to land-grabber Alisdair (Sam Neill). Forced to sell her beloved piano, Ada enters an uneasy arrangement with local, Baines (Harvey Keitel), to buy it back, one key at a time. Their bargain grows into a dark love affair that puts them both – and the piano – in danger.


In this new presentation, The Piano is seen with the score played live in synchronisation with the film. It’s a chance to experience the film in a new, engrossing way, back on the big screen.

The Piano is rights-owned by StudioCanal and licensed to Big Screen Live.


26 Feb 2019
Barbican Hall, London

London Contemporary Orchestra/Andrew Berryman

19 Nov 2019

Braunschweig Film Festival, Braunschweig

Braunschweig Radio Orchestra/Andrew Berryman

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